Curd Snaks Production Line

Protemol, Ltd. makes and delivers plug-and-produce curd snack processing lines.

Curd snack is a type of sweet snack made from curd cheese. These snacks are produced and very popular in Russia, Baltic States, Hungary (Turo Rudi) and New Zealand. Similar snacks are produced in some parts of the former USSR, Europe and the Middle-East.

Curd snacks are made of cottage cheese covered with chocolate with fillings as raisins, jam or other filling. The classic type of curd snacks have no filling and are glazed with chocolate, vanilla-, kiwi- or woodland strawberry-flavoured cream.

The weight of a curd snack is typically 40 - 50 gms. Curd snacks are typically 5 centimetres (2.0 in) long.

The first curd snacks were packaged in foil, but currently, most manufacturers prefer to use a vacuum packaging.

Curd snacks are stored at a temperature of 4±2ºС for an average of about 15 days, but at a temperature of -18ºС the storage period can exceed three months.

Machines in line:

  • Bar forming machine with filling station
  • Glazing machine
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Decorator
  • Automatic placer
  • Horizontal packaging machine
  • Receiving table
  • Wide selection of finished products
  • Fully automated production process
  • Stainless steel structures
  • Primary product loading without interrupting production process
  • Accurate glaze heating due to special hopper with hot water chamber
  • Auger pump for stable glaze feeding
  • Conveyor belt regulation, centering device
  • Convenient for maintenance and cleaning